Joey Burbs

Joey Burbs is a 21 year-old songwriter, singer, rapper, and producer from Milwaukee, WI. Making a mix of hip-hop, pop, and R&B, Joey's sound has been described by blogs, fans, and artists alike as "genre-blending" and "eclectic." With influences ranging from Kanye West and Outkast to John Mayer and Queen, Joey combines organic sounds, conscious lyrics and hip-hop elements to create a fusion of musical worlds. 


As a student-athlete at Rice University playing NCAA Division I basketball, Joey quit the basketball team in order to focus further on music. This led to the release of his debut project The Redshirt EP​, a 7-track release which tells the story of the ups and downs of life in Houston for Joey. The EP, which featured original production from Joey as well as other established artists such as Luke Christopher and Medasin, received positive feedback from fans and tastemakers, as the tracks accumulated over 100,000 plays across streaming platforms, and the single 'Lead The Way' was named one of the Songs Of The Year by The Illixer.

When discussing his overall goals in music, he says, "I want to keep creating things that connect with others and inspire people to be positive. Whether that's inspiring people to be more productive and follow dreams, or just making them have a better day and be happy, I really just want to make music that relates and makes people feel something affirming.”

Joey is currently slated to release a slew of new singles, all leading up to a project at the end of 2017.